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PMI Lake Havasu is a family of professionals who care deeply about guests and owners alike. We take your vacation seriously and know that this is something you've been saving all year for. As part of the worldwide PMI Travel brand, we’ve learned the best practices from the top brass in the vacation rental industry so we can apply their knowledge to make every guest experience with PMI Lake Havasu a five-star sensation.

Partner with PMI & stay ahead of this evolving industry.

Discover why PMI is the #1 property management franchise in the country.

Eddye Bean

Property Manager

Eddye Bean born and raised in Teton Valley, Idaho, is thrilled to be able to share her 36 years of property management experience in 4 different Western States. Property management is second nature to her. She started her career in Mesa, Arizona as an on-site Property Manager of a large apartment complex. Her career grew from there. Eddye was with the parent company of Property Management Inc. where she actually trained and tutored dozens of other property managers throughout the world. With her expertise in the tools and systems provided by Property Management Inc., the property owners and guests alike who decide to work with her will undoubtedly be receiving the highest quality, affordable, customer driven property management services available in the area.

Eddye along with her husband Brad have traveled extensively and love the vacation home industry.

Eddye spent her early adult years in the theater that her parents owned and operated in 2 different locations, Victor, Idaho (near Jackson Hole, Wyoming) and Cave Creek, Arizona. Eddye also owned a dance studio teaching children to perform. She later discovered her love for Real Estate and has been in the field ever since.

Brad Bowen

Owner/Maintenance Specialist

Being raised on a farm in the Bates area of Teton Valley, Brad Bowen repaired tractors and farm equipment from a very early age and got the mechanical bug. He also has great skills in remodeling and maintenance issues. After spending years on the farm and managing a few thousand acres of farmland, Brad left farming and served a term in the U.S. Navy on a fast attack nuclear submarine. He then made a more permanent career in Aviation Maintenance and as a Corporate pilot. Spending several years living in Henderson, Nevada and piloting Scenic Flight Tours to the Grand Canyon. Due to health reasons Brad could not continue to fly, however, Brad has always had an interest in Real Estate and travel, it was only natural for him to be interested in this business. He is a great asset to anyone and their maintenance and remodeling needs.

Together Brad and Eddye also own PMI Grand Tetons located in Driggs, Idaho.

Janelle Mattson

Office Assistant/ Agent(non-licensed)

Janelle Mattson brings the love of travel and adventure to PMI Lake Havasu, born in Teton Valley Idaho she is retired from SkyWest Airlines, and enjoys exploring and meeting new people. Janelle is our" go to person" for photography and valley history. She has amazing organizational skills and telephone etiquette. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Janelle has lived in Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and American Samoa. Janelle is an adventurous person and has tried her hand at skydiving, sailing and white water rafting. She is the proud mother of 3 wonderful children and is married to Clair Yost, who made his fame in the outdoor ski industry. PMI Lake Havasu in the heart of Teton Valley is the perfect spot for Janelle to help others love their vacations. She understands what it means to be "on vacation" and to have everything go smoothly. Making guests happy makes Janelle happy.

Together Brad and Eddye also own PMI Grand Tetons located in Driggs, Idaho.

They are excited to split their time between The Tetons and Lake Havasu, Arizona. They say, they get the best of both worlds.

Sarah Thompson - Broker

Commercial and Residential Sales and Leasing

Commercial Property Management